Wednesday, September 27

Essa Faal implores gov’t to deploy soldiers to give assistance to flood victims

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By Adama Makasuba

Essa Faal, a former presidential contender has implored the government to deploy soldiers and other relevant agencies and institutions to the areas that were affected by the weekend downpour to provide much-needed assistance to the victims.

“I understand that His Excellency, the Vice President together with the Lord Mayor of KMC have visited some of the affected areas which is a laudable gesture. I applaud them for that.

“However, flash floods with the aforementioned damages and destruction are now far too common. Whilst the weather is sometimes unpredictable, we know that certain areas in the Greater Banjul Area such as Ibo Town, Fajikunda, and some areas in Sinchu are prone to flooding. The NDMA should have plans to deal with these floods when they occur,” he said.

“As the people in the affected areas need food, water, and other basic essentials. People with disabilities may have even more serious needs. It does not appear that these things are being provided in this time of urgent need. I encourage the government to establish workable long and short-term plans that could be activated to minimize damage to these flood-prone areas and offer relief to affected people.

“Additionally, the government should consider urgently deploying the army and other relevant agencies and institutions to the affected areas to provide much-needed assistance to the victims urgently. These should include the provision of food, water, dry clothing, emergency medical assistance, and even shelter for those who may need it,” he added.

“I want to believe that these issues may be under consideration, it is no harm to highlight them and buttress the urgency of the situation. After all, we are all in this together-be you brown, blue, yellow, grey, or green – we all suffer the same consequences. I know that our people are quite resilient. Nonetheless, I expect that necessary governmental intervention and assistance will be forthcoming sooner rather than later.

“In addition, I encourage all Gambians who are able to provide whatever assistance they can give to the victims. With our collective support the pain and sense of loss will undoubtedly reduce and the togetherness and sense of belonging strengthened for a better Gambia,” he encouraged everyone to render help to the victims of flash floods.