Sunday, April 2

Essa Faal says Gambia should stop importing ‘bad rice’

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Addressing a historic gathering in Brikamaba in Fulladou on Wednesday, Faal, a new face in the country’s political terrain, first returned thanks and gratitude to the people for according him a historic welcome.
Commenting on agriculture, Faal reminded the people of Fulladou that Jahally Pacharr used to be a thriving area for rice production. However, he stated that those success stories are one in many that government of the day has failed to harness and exploit for benefit of the citizens.
He expressed shock and disbelief on visit to Jahally Pacharr, once a thriving rice production area, which is now abandoned by government, pointing out that ‘only a serious government can turn around the area’s lost glory.
“I know how you want a serious government so that things at Jahally Pacharr can change. Barrow did not visit an important place like Jahally. When you vote me in, I will turn things around and I will help the people of Fulladou to take full charge of Jahally Pacharr by helping them with modern rice cultivating machines to produce rice the whole year. It’s not rocket science for anyone to know that Jahally Pacharr can feed the entire nation. We should stop importing this bad rice for our people”.
He reminded the people of Fulladou that he is aware of the hardships the women in the area endure to pay for their children’s school fees; the worst being that when they graduate ‘no job opportunities.’
Turning to the security sector, the former lead counsel at the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) acknowledged the importance of security in the development of any nation. He thus expressed dismay in the handling of some important security issues by the leadership of the country.
“President Barrow has no regards whatsoever for the Gambian military,” Mr. Faal stated.
The president, he added, must have confidence in his own security than building trust in foreign security.
“The people of Fulladou! Is this not sad that our president is guarded by Senegalese security? What happened to our own soldiers? Are they not capable? I said my brothers and sisters in our forces are professional and intelligent and that we should trust them with the security of this country including the president and the entire State House. You came out in thousands here today because you are all fed up with your government and we want change this December.”
He therefore advised the electorates in the area to make a wise choice when choosing their president, adding that they should not vote for Barrow this December.
For the people of Brikamaba in Fulladou, the turnout was unique and historic in view of the fact that no political party has attracted such a huge crowd in the history of Fulladou.
Earlier on, speaker after speaker acknowledged that such a large gathering signals the unending love the people in the area have for him.
Faal and his delegation are on a nationwide tour to familiarise with the people. The trip, dubbed ‘Meet and Greet the People’s Tour’, is seen by many as litmus test for the international lawyer turned politician, as he treads for the first time, the country’s political terrain.
The tour, which started on Wednesday in the North Bank, Central River and Upper River Regions, is part of his move to garner support ahead of December 4th general elections.