Wednesday, September 27

Essau district hospital gets medical supply from Ghanaian ECOMIG

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By Adama Makasuba

The Ghanian Ecomig has donated medical equipment to Essau District Hospital amid shortage of drugs and consumables.

The medical equipment included hand sanitisers, disposable gloves, intravenous envisions, a box of salted medication, anti-malaria, and antibiotics among others.

Speaking at the handing-over ceremony, Ghanaian army medical doctor, Naval Lieutenant Andy DelaTogbe, explained that he was prompted to engage their commander after realising the shortage of drugs and consumables at the hospital’s pharmacy.

“It’s not only about blood donation, but also realised that there was a shortage of drugs and some consumable at the pharmacy for which sometimes, I have to come along with drugs which were meant for the troops, and upon discussion with our commander he was able to make some arrangement for us to bring a few items of medical equipment and some medical consumable,” he told the gathering.

“It is not much but this is the little we can contribute and help with today; we hope that at another time we can do more. For all of us who will be donating blood today, let us remember we are saving lives and we are going back as heroes,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sira Conteh, an officer in charge of Essau District Hospital described the donation as Pan-Africanism and thanked the contingent for the support.

“As we all know that blood is an important component in our human body, without blood human beings cannot function. It [blood]has so much importance, and if there is no blood a healthcare facility cannot function as it should be, and we cannot have that blood if you the donors don’t come forward to donate the blood.

“We know in surgery we need blood, in severe anaemia we need blood, in obstetric complications we need blood, and blood is always urgently needed in terms of severe accidents. It is Pan Africanism that you are showing us. The partnership between the ECOMIG mission and this facility has been long since I came here in 2019,” she added.