Sunday, June 11

EU ambassador pays courtesy call on VP Jallow

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VP Jallow hailed the EU for the support to The Gambia government’s development agenda.

He noted that the European Union has been supportive to the development of The Gambia in many sectors including socioeconomic development.

Speaking to the media shortly after the meeting with the Vice President, the EU ambassador said he was there to congratulate VP Jallow on his recent appointment as vice president of The Gambia.

According to Ambassador Pampaloni, the message he had for the Vice President was that the European Union has been reliable and an old friend of The Gambia. “They’ve done many things together in this country and they would want to know the challenges and how we are going to solve them.”

He noted that he had a very pleasant conversation with VP Jallow regarding areas of democratic transition, rule of law and governance. We’ve worked on tourism, environment, women’s rights, gender equality, and opportunity for women and schools.”

He further stated that they also assisted the government in the areas of budget support, agriculture and resilience to climate change.