Friday, December 8

Ex-BsAC CEO gives evidence on council’s properties

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Yesterday’s session commenced with the tendering of some documents by the witness. These were documents the witness was last week asked to provide to the Commission.

The documents tendered to the Commission included a list of the properties belonging to the council.

The other contains names of Basse Area Council employees who had taken loans. However, the witness clarified that all the people whose names had been written on that list had completed their payment. “They have all paid. There is nobody defaulting,” he attested.

The witness was asked whether he had receipts of the payments, but he said he did not. He was therefore asked to seek proof of payment from the council.

The lists were admitted into evidence and marked as exhibits.

On the properties, Mr Touray said none were leased out.  Quizzed on how the Basse Area Council obtained these properties, Touray said he understood that they belonged to the council when he took over.

“But how did the council acquire the properties?” Lead Council Yakarr Cox asked.

The witness replied, saying: “The only one that I know was allocated by the planning authorities to Basse Area Council.”

On whether the Basse Area Council had title deeds for any of these properties, he said it did not.

“How do you know that the council owned them if you don’t have documents to show?”

The witness said the council had the Land Occupancy Certificate.

The witness was, at this point, asked to ensure that all documents relating to these properties listed are provided to the Commission.