Tuesday, December 5

Ex-NPP KM Aspirant Contends UDP in Crisis Management Mode

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By: Nyima Sillah

The UDP is currently in a crisis management mode as the party tries to manage the internal wrangling over its next standard-bearer in the 2026 general elections, contended Mr. BaboucarrJeng.

According to Mr. Jeng, the UDP is embroiled in internal squabbles after coming to the realization that Lawyer A.N. M Ousainu Darboe will not throw his hat into the ring come 2026. 

“They know that Ousainou Darboe is not going to contest in 2026. So, they are currently trying to control the chaos and the power struggle in the UDP,” he stated.

Mr. Jeng, who expressed his desire to contest for the KanifingMunicipality mayoral seat in the last local government elections, said the Gambia’s largest opposition party is now dealing with internal issues that it finds difficult to manage.

He expressed disappointment in the statement of the UDP campaign manager Momodou Sabally that the UDP secretary-general is the unifying force for the party and therefore, the most ideal candidate to carry the party’s torch in the next general election. Jeng pointed out that Mr. Sabally is a knowledgeable person and should be sincere and fully aware that his views should not be narrowed down to party lines. 

“I believe that there is a mixture of emotions and issues when you look at Sabally’s statement. He was responding emotionally. Sabally knows the truth. His statement is misleading and puzzling. Looking at politics and the developments around us, I think the UDP is daydreaming of Ousainou’s leadership. Ousainou should retire and hand over the mantle of leadership,” Jeng said. He added: “Ousainou is not physically and mentally fit and his age does not give him the fitness to rule The Gambia. Imagine from now until 2026, his age is going to increase and his ability is going to decrease. The Gambia is going through so much and needs leaders that are mentally and physically active and I do not see that in Ousainou Darboe come 2026,” he stressed.

Jeng pointed out that rumor has been milling around that the UDP is divided, adding that there is an element of truth to any rumor. He asserted that the party’s strength had waned due to what, he called, unmanageable internal squabbles as a result of a conflict of interest. 

He further stated that there is an element of truth to the rumor that some of the party’s members such as Talib Bensouda and Yankuba Darboe have their eyes set on UDP’s leadership.

“These people are intoxicated by power and deceived by their victories when it comes to numbers. So, they feel that they could make an impact,” Jeng explained to this medium.