Friday, September 30

Faal opposes D600M budget for president’s office

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The message has been a mantra for Mr. Faal as he has been enlightening Gambians about that in almost all the places he has visited from day one of his tour.
“Why should the Office of the President be allocated D600,000,000? That is too much; one office alone getting D600,000,000,” he quizzed. He argued that it could have been even been reduced to 300,000,000 and the other half be distributed across the regions and communities so that it could have been used to give to women as loans so that they (women) would be able to work to earn and later pay back without interest and to create jobs, and thus promote speedy development in the country.
This, he opined, would bring about positive impact on the lives of the Gambian people.
On the same note, he said: “Some know why getting a bag of rice is the biggest problem for an ordinary Gambian. Since the cars of the president are bought by those importing rice into the country, if they want, they can increase the price of rice in the country and no one would say anything. Is there going to be anyone going to say anything?” he queried.
“We need to kick corruption out of this country so that we can buy cars for our own president. No business person should buy for you because if he buys for you, he owns you. That is why we have to kick corruption out of Gambia. If you give me your votes, I would work for Gambia; none can buy me,” Mr. Faal said.
Mr. Faal and his entourage are still touring villages and speaking to people about the December 4th election. On Friday, he and his entourage visited Chamen Nianija, Ngayen Sanjal, and Sarrakunda; on Saturday, to the people of Wassu, Kuntaur, Lamin Kotto, Jamureh Kotto. He and the delegation also went to Sarreh Bojo at URR, Sotuma, Kanyube and Alluhareh, Koba Kunda, Mangkamang Kunda and other places in URR.