Friday, September 22

FaFa M’Bai’s family clarifies no family relation Sainabou Mbye amid social media rumour

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Events surrounding the criminal case involving Mr Bubacarr “Bob” Keita and his former wife Ms Sainabou Mbye have shocked the nation and deeply heightened our concerns.

It has been brought to our attention of recent, that the following false statements have been made on the social media that Mr FaFa Edrissa M’Bai and his family are related to the Ms Sainabou Mbye concerned and that he and his son in the judiciary, are interfering with the judicial process in support of Ms Sainabou Mbye.

Mr M’Bai and his sons have absolutely no family relation, association or connection whatsoever with this Sainabou Mbye. They have never met this Ms Sainabou Mbye nor even ever heard of her. Any semblance of a connection arises solely from a shared similar phonetic surname, albeit spelt differently.

Mr M’Bai’s son, a Justice of the Supreme Court of The Gambia, has absolutely nothing to do with this case or any of the personalities involved in the case.

The false statements made by potentially identifiable individuals across several social media platforms are serious and clearly defamatory and have caused Mr M’Bai and his family emotional distress.

There is however no hiding in social media as the identity of any account holder or user on a social media platform can be traced. Any person who continues to make such defamatory statement against Mr M’Bai and his family risks facing serious legal proceedings.

After some forty years of outstanding service as a crusader of justice, Mr M‘Bai retired from legal practice in 2012, some ten years ago, and has since been living a quiet and a happy life exploring some thoughts on Islamic jurisprudence and philosophy. He should be left alone in peace to continue enjoying the blessings of a successful family.

M’Bai Gilleh Family