Tuesday, November 29

Fajara Golf Course renamed after Sir Dawda Jawara –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Fajara Golf Course has been renamed after the late first Gambian President and called Sir Dawda Jawara-Fajara Club Golf Course with the aim of continuing to support the legacy of the late President Jawara on his significant role in the history of Fajara Club, sportsperson and golfers.

The renamed of the popular golf course was held on Sunday in a flamboyant ceremony witnessed by The Gambia Vice President, Dr Isatou Touray, some dignitaries included senior government officials, members of the Fajara Club, golfers and some family members of the late president Jawara.

Speaking at the ceremony, Vice President Dr Isatou Touray, said: “The club has been promoting the game and plans to establish a golf academy to encourage its popularization with the training of young golfers both male and female. The academy will collaborate with the national sport council and Ministry of Youth to omen the present members of young Gambian golfers.

“The government appreciates this initiative, to honor our first national president. Consequently, the relevant organ of the government of The Gambia will support such endeavor to make Sir Dawda’s legacy more prominent and beneficial to golfers and none golfers. We hope to emulate what he left behind and even do better.”

The unveiling is the recognition of the services and contribution of the great statesman. Sadly, the untimely and the demise of Sir Dawda and emerged of the pandemic prevented the club from honoring him whilst he was alive, she said.

According to her, Fajara club is one of the oldest sporting and leisure clubs in The Gambia and it has welcomed a number of professional golfers as well as mature players who participate in regional competition in partnership with The Gambia Golf Association.

Meanwhile chairman of the Fajara Golf Club Association Ram Mohan also said: “The initiative sponsored 4 young golfers and we are endeavoring to see that they become professionals and take career on golf.

“We therefore call on government to give us assistance in development of the golf course. However, Dawda Jawara President of the Gambia Golf Association said that all the initiative that are named after Sir Dawda celebrates an honor of the founding father, a statesman leader, a man who dedicated much of his life to public service,” he said.

He said the initiatives will also serve as a protocol in lighting the youth about the pre- and post-independence history and the significant role of Sir Dawda in the country.