Wednesday, September 27

Family Confirms Bail Release Of Four Of Six Arrested Family And Friends Of Alleged Killer

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Famara Bojang, alleged killer Ousainou Bojang’s brother

By Buba Gagigo

Famara Bojang, brother of the alleged perpetrator responsible for the deaths of two police officers, has confirmed that four individuals among the five members of his family who were apprehended have been granted bail and released.

“Four of the five members of our family arrested were granted bail: my cousin Musa Bojang, a 14-year-old child (name withheld), my brother Lamin Bojang, and my brother-in-law Wuyeh Jarju. Our neighbors bailed them out. My sister, Amie Bojang, and one of Ousainou’s friends are still in custody.” He told Kerr Fatou.

Ousainou Bojang remains in police custody following his arrest in the Senegalese village of Jululung. He is the suspected individual believed to have shot and fatally wounded two paramilitary officers at Sukuta Traffic Light last Tuesday.