Saturday, February 4

Family in Panchang needs urgent humanitarian assistance

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By: Haruna Kuyateh

Family of Momodou Saidou Bah and Fatoumata Jallow of Panchang village in the Central River Region are soliciting for help from philanthropists in the form of shelter, clothing, and education among other human needs.

The calls for support, according to our reporter, are fundamental to the family who desperately needs of shelter to help them cater for their eight children who are sharing a single room and food has become a biggest challenge for them as well as their education.

The calls have necessitated a fund raising by the community development unit of the village ward to support the family in a form providing shelter, food and other basic human needs in order to augment their problems.

Awa Jobe, the Community Development Assistant in the area noted that, the social mobilisation of resources to support the affected family is urgent, noting that the family has been hard hit by poverty and resulted in lack of basic social needs.

The family over the years, according to her, has been seeking shelter from the neighborhood during the rainy season, as there is no permanent structure to shelter them.

Lack of toilets at household level, she added, has exposed the family to open defecation and poor hygienic condition, as well as access to potable drinking water.

She recalled that the World Bank and the Government of the Gambia ‘NAFA’ cash transfer for vulnerable families is important and as a result the said family depends on to cater for their daily needs   which is not sustainable and therefore more support is needed.

“The current situation of the family calls for timely intervention in resource mobilisation to respond and address their condition, on or before the rainy season,” she appealed.

Meanwhile, due to the family’s inaccessibility to   mobile phones, all those institutions, individuals and NGOs can reach Awa Jobe Community Development Assistant on 3223035/2083062.