Wednesday, March 22

Fans Reassures Support to Scorpion`s after Gambia victory over Guinea

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By Mustapha Jarju

Thousands of Gambians have reassured the Gambia national team – The Scorpion, of their full support as the team qualified for quarter final in the on-going AFCON in Cameroon yesterday.

Both Gambians and non-Gambians football lovers gathered at the Westfield celebrating the victory of The Scorpion 1:0 victory against the opponent Guinea Conakry with dancing, clapping, singing, motorcycling racing and so on.

Talking to some of these celebrants, Abdou Njie said The Gambia’s match against Guinea Conakry was very successful with a very good play on both defensive and attack and very impressive football. They have made us proud, we did not expect that we are going to have a goal in the game,” he said.

“Musa Barrow at the end of the day surprises us with a beautiful goal that takes the Gambia to the quarter final. Right now I don’t see anything that can stop us from winning against Cameroon even though the Gambia is not much experience in the AFCON game, but we having very good experience footballers and we are not afraid of any team. This is with the fact that The Gambia is having players who are willing and confident to play with any team,” he explained.

Solo Samura, also a National team fan said, even if The Gambia stop at the round of 16 is enough but by the grace of God we are going to make progress, “we are winning all our matches and we are hopeful of winning the upcoming games, my heart is for The Gambia to bring the cup to the Gambia because we have never had this kind of opportunities before.”

Mustapha MS Njie said for the first time that The Gambia is qualified to the AFCON they are making history and progresse in all their previous matches which has all been assisted by Musa Barrow, “therefore we are very sure that ‘Laka’ Barrow is going to score against Cameroon in quarter final.”