Monday, December 4

Fatoumatta Saidy weeps, begs authorities for a chance to sell in Brikama

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By Mustapha Jarju

Weeping profusely and uncontrollably, Fatoumatta Saidyresident of Busumbala who earns her livelihood from the sales of second-hand clothes in Brikama Market has begged beggedthe police and government in the name of their Creator to give her a chance and place to sell his goods to prolong her life and children.

Fatoumatta Saidy weeping uncontrollably told members of the press as the demolition exercise of illegal extension and construction continued in Brikama, West Coast Region when her place was demolished that she has many children but does not know what to do next or where to go but to appeal to the government and police to give her a chance where she can sell her to save her life and the children.

 “I am the one running the affairs of my children since their father passed away. Each day I give/spend over D300 as lunch money for the children before they leave for school, I pay their school fees from the proceed of what I am selling without a scholarship or helping hand,” she cried out.

She further expressed her present dilemma narrating that her children asked for lunch money but she cannot provide it while saying she is thinking of how to provide food for them.

“Please, Your Excellency, I am begging you, I don’t want my children to suffer or become a nuisance and burden to society, give me a chance to sell so I can continue to provide for these children,” Fatoumatta Saidy appealed to the Authority as many people felt sorry for her in this condition.

 She continued, “Forgive me to continue hustling my small earnings here, and whatever advice you gave me I will abide by that, my kids’ father is no longer alive and my sister is also with me because her husband is now a blind man. Please I am pleading to you,” she stressed in her sad and heavy voice.