Tuesday, March 28

Fire Outbreak Ravaged An Entire Compound In Brikama

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Scenes at the Fire Outbreak

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By Buba Gagigo

A fire outbreak has ravaged an entire compound in Brikama Sanneh Kunda destroying households and other valuable items according to an eyewitness who spoke to Kerr Fatou on the matter.

“The fire started around 9 pm on Monday. A child who was outside the house informed the people inside that there was smoke coming from the house. That was the time they helped elderly people leave the house. The neighbors came to help in putting out the fire before the arrival of the fire service. The fire is caused by an electrical malfunction. We lost all the rice that we had and other valuable material. Therefore, we are appealing for help from philanthropists and the government for help,” Ba Sutay an eyewitness told Kerr Fatou.

For support, please contact the Family at the following numbers, 7332154, 3539894, or 7954464

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