Monday, March 27

Fire outbreak ravages compound in Serrekunda –

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By: EbrimaMbaye &

Awa Gassama

A fire outbreak that took place on the 3rd of March 2023 burnt valuable items in a house in Serrekunda. 

On a visit to the scene, Sarjo Joof, one of the occupants in the burnt house commented on the fire outbreak saying on Thursday she was informed by a neighbor that something smelled inside the house but she thought it was the toilet that was not properly sanitized. 

She continued, on Friday morning when she returned from the market she realized that something smelled in the house then she decided to ask the neighbor whether she had set something on fire in the house but the reply was negative. 

However, she said in a couple of hours she was informed by her daughter that there was a fire burning in the house but she didn’t take it as a serious matter until when she was later informed by another child that was the time she left the kitchen and rushed inside the house. 

“When I entered the house I found that the mattress that was placed around the meter was already on fire. At this juncture, I didn’t shout rather I used the backdoor to turn off the other meter.

“The fire outbreak damaged most of our household materials including TV, refrigerator, meter, and even the clothes of my children,” Sarjo emotionally explained.

She added that the quick assistance of her neighbors helped a lot or else, the fire would have vandalized most of their valuable items. “We called the fire rescue service but before their arrival, the neighbors and passersby put off the fire,” she ended.