Sunday, November 27

Fire Service does respond to emergencies but with Challenges – Councilor Ceesay

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By Mustapha Jarju 

Karamo Ceesay, ward councilor for Talinding South said the Gambia Fire and Rescue Service usually respond to emergencies whenever they reach out to them, even though they are faced with challenges in term of mobility, accessibility, coupled with the lack of highly trained qualified personnel, he said. 

Councilor Ceesay said sometimes some of the community members are impatience with the firefighter when they arrived at the scene of incidents, even lately, people are used to stoning the officers causing injuries to some of the officers.  

“In 2019 an entire family was consumed by fire in my ward and three members of that family died instantly,” Councilor Ceesay explained and added that his community has been severely affected by a series of fire incidents which access to emergency response is always a concern. 

Councilor Ceesay’s statement came barely a week after the Kanifing Municipal Council received emergency response vehicles including firefighting trucks, ambulances, and police vehicles, from the Ebou Mala Charity Foundation. 

There has been an increase in fire incidents from January to date there have been 58 fire incidents in the Kanifing Municipality with two fatalities. The fire service needs more resources to respond to these situations.

KMC Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda said a week ago at the handing over of the emergency mobilities donated to the Municipality, to ease Fire outbreak and Policing emergencies within the KMC.