Tuesday, December 5

First Gambian to bag AfOx-Mastercard Scholar

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The opportunity was attained while in The Gambia. “Graduating from the University of Oxford has been an exhilarating experience,” she said.

“This makes it not only a win for Gambia, but more so, Africa. It shows we belong and are capable of making it.”

“I arrived at Oxford University 5 months pregnant. I gave birth a week after my first term exams, did 85% of the second term at home because of my newborn and birth complications, and my MSc project was also done hybrid. I completed my thesis from The Gambia, and unfortunately lost my mother a week later. The year has not been easy, but Alhamdulilah.”

“During the MSc, I also founded an association called the Human Genetics Awareness Association with the aim of raising awareness and destigmatising genetic diseases and is currently registered in The Gambia.”

My partner said, ‘Sor deageh nyuneh janga neahut feaka’ you have not reached to the top of the top. The crème de la crème, the apex of the optics”

“This journey is not one only I can embark on. There are opportunities for Gambians to make a mark and I hope this inspires them to break barriers.”

“This degree is for my Mother Ida Laye Ndure whose unwavering support and love was experienced throughout my degree. I hope you and my father, Abdoulie S. Ndure are smiling from Heaven.”