Sunday, January 29

Fish smokers decry hike up of gas oil, others

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Dozens of fish dealers at Tanji Fish Station, on Monday, expressed dismay over the recent price hike of gas oil as many said it leads to the shortage of fish and price escalation for the past months.

Reaching out to vendors at Tanji market, Ousman Jeng, a fisherman, said a lot of factors are contributing to the shortage and price hike of fish in this country for the past months.

“Looking at the most difficult aspect is the price of gas oil sometimes you will buy gas oil and assurance will not be guaranteed which is a challenge for us because assurance helps us a lot when we encounter a problem.”

He also said the issue of gas oil is with the government and currently they are facing a huge challenge trying to fill their boats. “You don’t expect us to reduce the price of fish when we are buying 10 gallons of gas oil at an expensive price.”

Mr Jeng noted that they are facing the same obstacle as the vendors and their obstacle is even worse than the fish vendors. Adding that, fishing is very difficult and involves sacrifice.

Meanwhile, Binta Ceesay, a fish vendor said the cost of fish in this country is unbearable. “We are suffering a lot to buy a basket of fish also after buying fish transportation becomes another challenge that we face. This year shortage of fish has become a serious case and still, the government did not find out ways to solve the matter.

‘’We are frustrated and tired as you see nothing is working at the moment, we are all sitting desperately in the market, therefore we call on the government to come and assist us,” she appealed.

Another vendor, Fatou Jatta, added that “We are tired of talking every day and yet no improvement. For how long should we keep on pleading with the government to help the Gambians? There was a time when a basket of fish costing D7, 000 only a few bought it the rest could not afford it.

“Imagine buying a basket with that price, how can you sell that to the customers?” she scowled.