Sunday, June 26

Five Years Later, Roma’s Ebrima Darboe finally Hugs his Mum

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It has been an exciting year for Ebrima Darboe. On the pitch, the young Gambian struggled to earn his debut and take ownership of Seria A As Roma midfield. Off the field, E.B as he is fondly called by his family is now reunited with his mother.

In a touching video that went viral, one could see the yellow and red player hugging his mother after 5 years of circumstantial separation.

The 2001 class boy has long been far from the Gambia, his home, and now that he is back, he unleashes all his joy through a short clip on Instagram, accompanied by this caption: “After five years coming home and hugging my mother again is the most beautiful thing I could live. Thank you all for your prayers for me.”

Indeed five years is an eternity, especially for a young boy who has suffered the terrible trauma of the backway migration Sahara desert route. But Darboe is finally with his mother with whom he will spend unforgettable days in the Gambia before returning to the Italian capital, where in early July, AS Roma will begin the pre-season Serie A retreat.