Sunday, December 4

Flood Victims plead for Support to re-build their houses

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By: Musa.O. Bah

Flood victims in Sotokoi and Karantaba Torro Village in the Central River Region have pleaded for help from the government and philanthropists for more support in order to rebuild their damaged houses.

Reaching out to the voice on Tuesday, Victim Omar Bah, a native of Sotokoi in Sami said: “We don’t have a place to sleep, we need support from everyone who can come to our aid. Starting from the Government, philanthropists, and Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) because we are suffering to rebuild our houses. I am a family man and some of my kids normally spend the night in my neighbor’s compound.”

Narrating how the incident occurred, Mr. Bah said the rain started at night around 2: 00am-midnight when the other family members were in the room and the other side of the house collapsed forcing them to evacuate to look for shelter and so luckily, none of them were injured but all of their materials and foodstuffs were damaged, including their furniture, clothes, and foodstuffs.

Another victim from Sami Karantaba Torro Village, Dawuda Camara, also said he was not the only person who is affected in his community but includes many families who are still struggling to rebuild their life.

According to Mr. Camara, his roof was removed by the heavy wind and fell on his neighbor’s house where two people were seriously injured.

More so, Gibbie Sillah, also added that they are in a situation that needs urgent support from the government and partners to help recover from this tragedy.