Thursday, February 9

Foni Bintang NAM urges Gov’t to regulate human rights

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By Binta Jaiteh

Bakary K Badjie, an Independent candidate for the Foni Bintang constituency has urged the government to regulate unlawful human rights violations happening in the country.

In an interview with The Voice, he said “People’s rights should be respected and not be violated especially the right to life which is a fundamental pillar that must be protected and guided by all means, the issue of Foni where innocent people have been killed unlawfully and the government is  not coming out to address these unfortunate incidents.”

Hon. Badjie said the sixth legislature may be different from the fifth legislature because their aim and mission for them being representatives of their people is to change the narrative of the parliament.

“It is challenging to change the atmosphere of the assembly as representatives.  “We will keep on fighting till we see change,” he noted

Speaking on the high cost of living, he said according to the democratic principle the reason for the unstable pricing of food commodities and drivers’ increasing fares is not explained well to the people and the economic condition of the country is becoming harder every day while Gambians are crying for assistance.

“If the price is not controlled in the country the poor will continue to weep for survival while the rich enjoy. Therefore it is high time for the government to provide solid mechanisms for the country’s development and eradicate the high rate of poverty.”

However, he also shared his concern on the recent GTU strike saying ‘’No nation can develop in the absence of education so the teachers should be well paid and that should be a concern to every individual.”