Tuesday, March 21

Foreign Minister Tangara bids farewell to Cuban ambassador

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In the presence of the Permanent Secretary, and the Head of the Diplomatic Service of Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Minister and the Cuban Ambassador held a fruitful discussion regarding the development of bilateral ties and other issues between the two states as well as the visit of the President of The Republic of The Gambia to Cuba which is meant to strengthen the already cordial bilateral ties between the two countries.  

The Honorable Minister expressed his appreciation to the Ambassador, and the good partnership between the two states. He commended him for an excellent cooperation during his tour of duty. 

In the same vein, the Ambassador expressed gratitude to the Gambia government and hailed the fruitful relationship between the two countries.

The Ambassador also met with the Minister of Health and discussed issues concerning the health sector in The Gambia, and suggested ways of improvement.

During this cordial meeting, the Ambassador also expressed delight and commended a renowned Gambian journalist and Proprietor of The Point Newspaper, Mr. Pap Saine who he said supported him in making his work really visible by publishing his articles whilst serving as Ambassador to The Gambia. He further encouraged Mr. Pap Saine to continue his good work as a  journalist.

The Gambia and The Republic of Cuba have brotherly bilateral relations and Cuba has been supporting The Gambia in various areas especially the health sector, promoting delivery services in our health facilities and communities. 

The meeting was attended by the Permanent Secretary, and the Head of the Diplomatic Service, Ambassador Lang Yabou, Director of American Affairs, Mr. Bernard Mendy, and Counselor Ms. Sohna Touray.