Friday, June 9

Former KMC Mayor Colley & Co to support Bakary Y Badjie.

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By: Musa .O. Bah

Yankuba Colley, former Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council, and his councilors has declared to support the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) candidate for Kanifing Municipal Council Bakary .Y. Badgie in the May 2023 local government elections

“We endorse Bakary Y Badjie because of his commitment to forward the development of the country. He has manifested beyond reasonable doubt that he is an agency of change,” the former APRC Mayor told journalists on Wednesday.

He added that voting for Bakary Y Badjie means voting for the development of the Kanifing Municipality and the country as he attributed it to the country’s recent outstanding performance in sports and shows his commitment as the Youth and Sports Minister.

He told journalists that  Hon. Badgie is concerned about the development of the country, and this is why he is leaving a ministerial position to come to the level of a Mayor.

He expressed optimism that the National People’s Party’s (NPP) chosen candidate will overcome the incumbent (Talib Ahmed Bensouda) of the United Democratic Party (UDP) in the forthcoming local government elections.

For his part, Hon. Bakary Y. Badjie advised people to develop their minds to verify things on their own and be independent-minded developed their minds to verify things on their own and be able to be independently minded not just follow what people say on social media and take it as fact.

“Leadership is about responsibility, is about accepting what happened during your time, adding people’s responsibility and people’s action to solve the problem of the people you are serving,” he said.