Thursday, December 7

Former KMC Mayor will not contest 2023 local gov’t election

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By Adama Makasuba

Honourable Yankuba Colley, former Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council has said he is not interested in contesting for a mayoral seat within the municipality.

“I will not contest the mayoral election, let them put up someone else. I don’t believe in being in everything, because I replaced someone and someone replaced me, so let someone else replace that person. I thank God because I have records which anywhere my children stand will be happy that their father did such records,” he said.

Meanwhile, he added: “It will be hard for me to call them for reconciliation because some of them are claiming to hold certain positions no one understands. Like you have Jerending who said he is the mobiliser general and he thinks wearing of the suit is mobilisation. In fact, the suit he wears I will not wear. Mobilisation isn’t like that, but you should have the charisma so that if you go out people will like you. If you want to be a good mobiliser.”

He disclosed that they will have a mega rally immediately after the summer and it will be a very big rally, while he noted that people still don’t understand that APRC is still a big party that ruled for 20 years. Added that anywhere you go in this country, you will find the development brought by APRC and the breakaway group can never overpower us because people don’t know them.

“Their power stops in Foni. They cannot solve any problem and even the people of Foni will soon abandon them because they are misleading those people. I don’t want to talk about them because if I do, I will give them relevance,” he said.