Saturday, April 1

Former Mayor of KMC Refutes Mayor Bensouda’s allegations –

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By Binta Jaiteh

Hon Yankuba Colley, the former Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) has refuted the allegations made by the current Mayor of KMC Talib Ahmed Bensouda who has expressed that in the past the KMC suffered mismanagement and the use of the council as a political bureau before his term in office. 

Hon Colley reacting to the allegations made by Mayor Talib during his mayoral tour said Mayor Bensouda was shocked by the information that the London Corner Ward Councilor revealed which warranted him to accuse them. 

“He said we were audited and it was confirmed that we are clean and everyone knows that Yankuba does not run away from responsibility and I fought for the well-being of my staff,” the former Mayor remarked. 

According to him, he said KMC administrative building was designed by him when the office of the current Mayor was down so that accessibility can be easy for everyone but that didn’t happen. He said he accepted everyone despite their political affiliation “so I regard his statement as misleading.”

He argued that during his leadership they don’t waste funds like he does, noting that they know their responsibility. “I was audited for three occasions two during my term and when I left and since today am not call wanting. If the Mayor is accused of doing wrong let him solve that because it is not easy to lead but if you are leading also 

people should be inclusive,” he advised. 

He said they have done everything just to hold him accountable saying even Mayor Talib wondered what kind of human being he is and “as we speak today there is over D10 million debt at the council,” he disclosed

“The National Assembly committee Public Enterprise Committee audited us and we are 98% compliant same applies to GPPA the certificate can attest to that, we operate a base ok process. If the people accuse him of corruption let him face them not us we didn’t take him to the commission due to the destruction at the council which is true,” he stated

Former Mayor Colley added that looking at KMC today everything is expensive the increased taxes 100% including compounds tax, the money that he claimed of receiving even a single capital project could not be brought

Momodou Lamin Badjie, former councilor of New Jeshwang Ebo town Ward said if the Mayor refutes these statements “we are inviting him to a public debate.”

He said the most trending cooperation between KMC and Madison was established by Mayor Yankuba Colley and part of the objective of Madison twining was for KMC to discuss two pertinent issues that are waste management and the geographical information system.

He explained that not long ago the Mayoress of Madison and the delegation from the US and their hotel bills were paid by KMC they went further to pay an impress close to half a million dalasi just to entertain their guest.