Sunday, December 3

Former Senior NSS official Urges CoPG members to maintain peace

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By Binta Jaiteh

Allagie Basiru Gassama former National Security (NSS) and Divisional Youth Adviser for Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC ) under the former regime has urged the members of CoPG to maintain peace and order in their proposed November 11 protest, which already suspended before going to press.

In an interview with this medium, he said everyone has the right to express their dissatisfaction about the situation of the country but let it be based on peace and tranquillity.

He said the country belongs to everyone and we should jealously guide that peace while adding that they should have a dialogue with the government regarding the issue and solve the matter.

“Peace is power and development countries that were involved in fighting always bear the consequences it caused after the war

He stated that Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana went to visit the President despite criticizing him “it is not a crime for the President to listen to people who criticize him, people should not see each other as enemies nation building is the most important issue that the Gambia needs.”

“The whole country is complaining of price hikes of basic commodities but also we the citizens are not fair to each other even the food items we grow are expensive. That is not good we should be ready to help each other so that the poor can survive,” he noted

He said the President is having a big responsibility and it is high time for him to start setting examples for people who commit crimes, corruption allegations, and people who mismanage funds.

He, therefore, called on the Gambians to discourage tribalism and unite so that the country will be developed for the future generation to come.