Sunday, September 25

Former VP Jallow-Tambajang calls for promotion of peace, unity

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“It is important to recognise that this heritage is borne from the solid foundation for democracy, peace, and social cohesion, that was built by our visionary forefathers for the advancement of our country,” she said.
Madam Jallow Tanbajang made these remarks at a press conference held at her residence in Kotu on Friday.
She said this heritage must remain our guiding principle to safeguard our unity, freedom and peace “because in the absence of these values we cannot advance our country.”
She added that as “we recently conclude the unprecedentedly most contested presidential nominations of twenty-six (26) in our country and at the dawn of the presidential campaigns, it is important that I humbly call you to preserve our national heritage of unity, peace and stability for the paramount advancement of our country, The Gambia.”
She pointed that it is responsibility to serve as ambassadors and be national pride by upholding our National Heritage which is the bedrock of our National Anthem calling on us to live in unity, freedom and peace each day as a nation with one destiny.