Wednesday, December 6

Four Explosions Erupted In The Southern City Of Es-Samara

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On Sunday, October 29th, four explosions erupted in the southern city of Es-Samara killing one person and injuring three, two of whom were in serious condition. This tragic event took place a day before the adoption of a new resolution of the UN Security Council regarding the Moroccan Sahara.

In following the due process of law, the Kingdom of Morocco deems it important not to pre-empt the results of the investigation but will comply with the judgment based on the conclusive results of the public prosecutor’s office investigation according to Morocco’s Ambassador and permanent representative at the UN Omar Hilale.

On the other hand, Polisario has claimed responsibility for the attack in its ” War Communique no.901″. It said it carried out armed attacks against Samara causing casualties.

 The contents of the War Communique were released to the Press at UN headquarters when the Security Council had just adopted its resolution on the Sahara describing it as part of the struggle being waged by the armed militia.

Polisario’s attacks had targeted civilian neighbourhoods occupied by families with no military or strategic installations. Even the Samara civilian airport is more than two kilometres from the scene of the attacks which shows that the separatist group is trying to threaten the regional peace and security which Morocco regards as a ‘Red Line’.

The targeting of civilians and points of convergence and this group’s doctrine is likened to terrorist groups scattered in the Sahel region and will not be tolerated. 

Morocco is a responsible state and will not allow itself to be impressed or trapped by these ill-conceived provocations.

With all the foregoing, the Moroccan authorities will see the investigation through to the end until those responsible are established and the law apllied to the fullest.