Sunday, January 29

Four Inmates Escape from Mile II Prison

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By: Nyima Sillah

Four inmates have been confirmed to have escaped from Mile II Central Prison in the early hours of Tuesday morning, 29th November 2022 after a successful cutting of the mental ventilation wall with a hacksaw blade.

Confirming this incident to The Voice newspaper on Thursday, the Prisons PRO, Superintendent Modou Lamin Ceesay said “the incident happened on the 29th November around 5:00 am. The escapees are four inmates, one of them is of Senegalese nationality and the other three are Gambians.

“Among them, one is captured three are at large. As we are speaking, investigations are ongoing. We will update the media once the investigations are done,” Ceesay said.

Asked what caused the escape. Superintendent Ceesay said the escape happened because of the negligence of officers in their night duties. Adding that, those that were on duty are taking part in the investigations process and at the end, there are various charges according to the nature of the offenses.

He added, “according to the scene we covered, we believe they used a hacksaw blade to cut the mental and make their way which is gross negligence of officers on duties on that particular night.”

He explained that escape happens globally and it is inevitable. “Two interests are running in prison at the same time. The prisoners’ interest is to go out while the officers’ interest is to see them in lawful custody. But no matter what, officers should not allow prisoners’ interest to supersede their interest,” he stressed.