Wednesday, March 22

Freemason Fraternity donates food items to Methodist Special School

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By Mama A. Touray

Freemason Fraternity, a charitable organization Tuesday donated some basic food items to Methodist Special School of differently-abled children.

The donated food items included bags of rice, gallons of oil, bags of onions, detergent soups, buckets and so on.

Freemason Fraternity among other things help the needy people under the district lodge of Sierra Leon and The Gambia.

Speaking at the donation ceremony, W. Bro DR. Winston O. Ceesay worshipful master of Winward lodge, who spoke on behalf of freemason, said “we are a group called freemanson with an objective of giving out charity and we decided to reach out to Methodist special school initially when we decided to come here, we though it a good idea to come here and make a presentation.”

“We now believe that this is the best place that we couldn’t have gone to a better school than this school just seeing the children with their different makeups and abilities and they are still able to intimidate,” he said, and thanked the teacher for been there for these children.

“It is not just like you teaching them for nothing but you are also changing their lives as you affecting their lives positively which they will take home and for them to continue coming am sure the parents have seen the impact in their lives,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bello, Chairman of the school board also thanked the donor saying “I think the school will put them into good use and the students will enjoy may god bless the donors.”

“On behalf of the Methodist special school the chairman of Methodist special school board expressed sincere appreciation to the donors describing the initiative he said ‘this is a good and laudable gesture because when you think about these children it means you think about your own child. If your child is in peaceful condition how you want to take care of that child is the same way you will for other children so we really appreciate the gesture and effort to help the Methodist special school,” he said.

He assured the donors that the head teacher and the staff will put all what you brought here today into good use to the best benefit of these children.

Rev Lucy Sarfo, head teacher of Methodist special school said that they will help the children to reach their full potential and excel as they have a right to be educated as any other children in the Gambia that is not physically challenged.