Tuesday, March 28

FTJ calls for efforts to combat climate change

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By Adama Makasuba

Honourable Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the speaker of the National Assembly, has called for concerted efforts to combat climate change for the benefit of the coming generation.

“Let us all be mindful and be advocate to combat climate change. Let us try and come up with a solution to make sure that the world we will hand over to the coming generation is a better world for them. If this trend continues, in 50 years to come, the world will get destroyed, and that may not meet some of us in this world,” the National Assembly Speaker advised.

“Let us make sure we hand over a world that is beneficial to the coming generation, and not be bad handover,” he added.

Meanwhile, he said APRC has bought 50kg bags of rice due for distribution to flood victims in Banjul, Kanifing Municipality, and the West Coast Region.

“I want to urge people to stop politicizing natural disasters. We should be looking for solutions to address the problem than politicizing this disaster. This is climate change which is affecting the whole world. So, when such a disaster happens some people want to blame the government rather than trying to look for a solution to it.

“We should all be advocates for combating climate change so that the next generation can have a better life to live. If not if this trend continues, in the next 10 years the world will be seriously destroyed,” he added.

“We must also work for the development of this country. And we want to assure the population that we will continue to render support to anyone who is affected by the flood. We are not doing this for politics. It has nothing to do with politics. We are a political party; we owe it to the people. If you say you want to lead a country in the name of the people, then if something happened, come out and give your support,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, APRC top brass said they will distribute 20 bags of 50kg of rice in Kanifing Municipality, 10 bags of 50kg rice in Banjul, and 20 bags of 50kg rice in the West Coast Region.