Monday, October 2

Fuel Price To Increase Effective Tomorrow

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Photo Credit: Atlas Facebook Page

By Buba Gagigo

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The price for petrol (PMS) and diesel (AGO) will see an increase at the pumps effective July 1st, 2022. The price increase is precipitated by the expiration of a government subsidy that underpinned the preceding price before the increase.

The impending increase in price that will come into effect on Friday, July 1st, 2022, will have Petrol selling at D78.76; Diesel at 73.78; and Kerosene at D89.78.

By comparison, the pump prices in May and June for petrol and Diesel were 69.52 dalasis (equivalent to $1.29) and 64.78 dalasis a liter (equivalent to $1.20) respectively. This low May and June prices were made possible by a government subsidy.

Price of fuel in June ( Photo Credit: Atlas )

The expired subsidy will result in an increase in the price for Petrol by D9.28 and D10.56 for Diesel over the May-June pump prices.