Tuesday, March 28

Fulladou Dasilami Mosque Committee launches support for completion of Mosque

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By: HarunaKuyateh

The Mosque committee of Fuladou Dasilami of Lower Fuladou West, Central River Region South has launched a passionate appeal to institutions, charitable organizations, and individuals to support the completion of the community of the Mosque.

Former Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh started the construction in 2016 and since his departure work is at standstill.
Speaking to The Voice, Imam Cherno Gassama described the delay in the completion of the central Mosque concerned the inhabitants and called on the government, the Supreme Islamic Council, and other Islamic charitable organizations to come to their aid.

He noted that currently the committee raised a corrugated house to offer daily prayers and due to the high temperature most worshippers preferred to travel to Brikamaba for Friday congressional prayers.

Imam Gassama appealed for assistance to construct a learning center and accommodation facility for classrooms for children to learn Islamic education and good moral values.

For support, interested persons or organizations can contact Imam Cherno Gassama on the following numbers 3604641/2913720.