Monday, March 27

GACH pays ex-Gambian footballer’s loan –

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Abubakary Jawara Foundation has supported a former Gambian footballer pay-off his D125, 000 loan.

The philanthropic arm of GACH Global-Abubakary Jawara Foundation comes to the aid of the former footballer, following a request from what’s On Gambia who reached out to the company to support the ex-player. The famous online medium has continued to play a very significant role in helping Gambians in need to secure support. 

“Following a request recent publication about a retired footballer, who was struggling to pay off a loan after an unexpected business loss, we decided to intervene and, in a bid, to assist him to clear the loan, we reached out to some Gambians. He’s a retired footballer who represented the country at different major international tournaments. Abubakary Jawara, the CEO of GACH Global, was one of the rich Gambians we contacted through Basamba Drammeh. Without hesitation, he donated D125, 000 to clear the loan in full,” What’s On Gambia said.

Commenting on the donation, Abubakary Jawara said he is pleased that he was able to help his fellow Gambian in need and thanked what’s On Gambia for bringing the issue to the public space.

“As a company, GACH Global is always committed to help our Gambian brothers and sister who are in need,” Jawara said. He urged all Gambians to continue standing for one another especially during times of need.