Monday, December 4

GACH uplifts Tujereng with D1.5M

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The gesture, officials said, is part of their social corporate responsibility in supporting the community where the GACH Company is currently mining black sand. The presentation, held at the Tujereng village, was attended by the governor of WCR, inhabitants of Tujereng and a cross section of the community.

Speaking at the event, Ousman Bojang, the governor of WCR, thanked the GACH CEO for his continued support for the development of Kombo Coastal villages and the country at large.

“We need to forget about our political differences and see the country’s development as a priority. That is what CEO Jawara is doing. GACH is one of the companies that is heavily investing in the communities where they are currently operating,” Governor Bojang affirmed.

“I want to let you all know that the GACH Company is not only focused on helping the community where they are currently operating, but they are also supporting other communities within the region and the country at large. People that have been affected by floods or disasters have always been supported by the company. I want to urge other companies to emulate GACH so that we can participate in nation building and uplifting the lives and livelihoods of Gambians,” he added.

The CEO of GACH Company, Abubacarr Jawara, spoke of the cordial working relationship between the community and his company, while assuring of his continued support to the community with a view to enabling them address some of the challenges they currently encounter.

“Before we started mining in the area, the environment was in a bad condition. However, given the fact that we are a 100% Gambian company, we are doing our mining responsibly, taking into account the protection of the environment. Anything we are doing, we do ensure that we do it responsibly and with standard.”

The rapid development of the country, he went on, will continue to remain a priority for him and the GACH company, adding that his intervention would continue in all sectors of the country especially in the areas of health, environment and security among others.

“We have constructed many police stations across the country in order to ensure that the security personnel have good structure and participate in maintaining the country’s peace and stability.”

Mr. Jawara assured that the development and empowerment of young people in the country will also remain a priority for his organisations. “We have currently employed 350 youths. This is geared towards addressing the unemployment gap in the country.”

The Gambian business tycoon also outlined plans of organising a nationwide football tournament with the objectives of empowering our young people who are involved in sport. “We will also organise a nationwide Qu’ranic Competition. I want to assure you that when we are doing such presentation next year, we will raise the funds from about 2.5 million dalasis to 3 million dalasis,” he posited.

The councillor for Sanyang Ward, Boto Bojang, said: “Mining activities have been happening in the coastal areas since 1924. However, it is the first time that a company is mining in the area and also giving back to the community. It’s only the GACH Company that is doing it. Jawara could have also done mining in the area without giving back anything like what other companies have done. But due to his interest in the development of the community, he has been rendering numerous support to the community of the area.”   

The chairman of the Tujereng VDC, Cherno Njie, said: “Due to the continued support the GACH Company is doing in the village; many of our top priorities have been addressed.  At the community level, we conducted site visits and I can happily tell you all that the GACH Company is doing responsible mining. In fact, the GACH Company is doing lot of other things that have never been part of the agreement between the village and the GACH Company,” he revealed.

The alkalo of Tujereng, Karamo Bojang, said: “Due to the support of the company, we are enjoying a lot of projects in the community. In fact, even the meeting today is being sponsored by the GACH Company. I want to assure you all that the money will be utilised wisely and for its intended purposes. The company is working for the interest of inhabitants of the area.”