Sunday, January 29

GAF Graduate 21 Soldiers on Platoon Commander Course

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By Makutu Manneh

The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) on Wednesday 10th March 2021, graduated 21 soldiers on platoon commander course, after undergoing two months training.

Officials say the course was part of CDS Drammeh’s training directives for reform in the armed forces. 

Commodore Madani Senghore of the Gambia Navy, representing the Chief of Defence staff, said training in the Gambia Armed Forces is a continuous process, thus, he urged the participants to keep acquiring knowledge. He informed the junior soldiers that the course was just the beginning for them as there are more training along the way. 

“Some will stumble with difficulties, but that should not stop you keep going and ask your seniors for assistance,” he said.

Mr. Senghore told the soldiers that to become leaders, they ought to have an objective of inspiring and motivating others. The navy commodore advised the service men and women to accompany their work with discipline and dedication. He further urged them to be aware of the occurrences around them and focus on realities surrounding them. 

Staff Sergeant Lamin S. Marong, speaking on behalf of the participants, said they have come to the end of their course that has opened new doors for advanced courses for their careers. 

“8 weeks has been a rigorous and vigorous one, quite challenging, physically and mentally but it took determination to achieve this milestone,” he said.

Marong said the training has equipped them to be at par with their contemporaries within the sub-region and beyond. He implored his fellow participants to share the knowledge they gained with other soldiers who were not privileged to attend the training. 

“Let us go back and show our men that we are well equipped and share what we learn,” he said.

Marong, on behalf of his colleagues, commended the CDS and his team for their visionary leadership.