Saturday, September 30

GALGA and NYP Sign MoU for Increased Youth Participation in LGA Structures

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The Gambia Association of Local Government Authorities (GALGA) and The National Youth Parliament (NYP) last Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in areas including advocacy for increased youth participation in Local Government Structures.

Signed at the GALGA Secretariat in Tabokoto, Landing B Sanneh signed on behalf of GALGA as the President and Ndegen Jobe signed on behalf of NYP as Deputy Speaker.

The MOU seeks to establish a framework for cooperation and collaboration between the two parties in promoting the development and participation of young people, women, and persons living with disabilities in local governance.

The Gambia is now experiencing citizen’s increased focus and interest on the operation of their Local Councils by holding them accountability in the management of the tax payers money. Alongside, young people are also building more interest in the affairs of the Councils and the offering themselves to provide services where needed.

In the MoU, the parties agreed to collaborate on  areas including the popularization of the Local Government Act of 2002 which is currently under review; popularization of policies of the local government authorities and the promotion of accountability in local government authorities.

“This is an important day for us at GALGA towards the empowerment of young people and their participation in local governance,” GALGA President Landing B Sanneh said at the signing ceremony.

Mr Sanneh said he is optimistic that corporation between the two parties will bear fruits knowing the strength and capacity of NYP.

The two parties have ALS agreed in the MoU to participate in the implementation of their various activities and programs and engage each others’ networks to promote participation in local government programs. 

They also agreed to collaborate in organizing community outreach activities aimed at improving grassroots participation in the programs and activities of Local Councils.

Deputy Speaker of NYP, Ndegen Jobe said through the MoU, the two parties will provide space for young people in the country to fully participate in local governance.

She said they are NYP have complete faith in GALGA in going into partnership with them, hoping that the collaboration with bring change in the soonest possible time.