Friday, September 22


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A shocking wave of defections have gripped The Gambia Democratic Congress party (GDC), Freedom Newspaper can report. The party’s National President Dr. Demba Sabally has defected from the GDC to join the National People’s Party (NPP). Sabally has defected with a good number of GDC supporters to the NPP. Mama Kandeh’s female protocol officers were among those, who had defected to the NPP.

Dr. Sabally’s defection hasn’t been made public yet. He hasn’t informed his GDC’s colleagues about his planned defection. He is still part of the GDC chat groups, but Monday is his last day with the party, this paper can authoritatively report.

Dr. Sabally has met with President Barrow. He has reaffirmed his commitment to rally his support behind President Barrow and his NPP party. He is leaving with a huge GDC supporters.

Dr. Sabally and his GDC colleagues have been scheduled to be part of President Barrow’s meet the people’s tour, which has been slated to start tomorrow Monday. Sabally and co would announce their defection to the NPP at an Essau meeting on Monday, sources familiar with the story have told this medium.

The GDC Jali Soriba Suso was the first to announce his defection to the NPP over the weekend.

According to sources, Demba Sabally, is not happy about Mama Kandeh’s move to work with the UDP. Sabally, said GDC sources, has said that he preferred a Barrow government than The Gambia having a UDP government.

” He told the President that he prefers his 20 years rule than witnessing a two day rule of the UDP.  That he doesn’t want to have business with the UDP,” GDC insiders said

Meanwhile, MC Cham jr, speaking at a GDC political rally in the Central River Region (CRC) has urged his party supporters not to be moved by reports of the party’s Executive members leaving the party. Cham argued that parties are usually not maintained by Executive members, but its rank and file members.  He added that one of the reasons why the APRC lost the 2016 election was because of its members defection to the GDC.

Cham has downplayed the importance of  Executive members in a given political party. He noted that GDC Executive members leaving the party, would not have any impact on the party.

Cham has also accused what he called “Mama Kandeh’s detractors” of paying women to level rape allegations against his party leader. He said Kandeh was a victim of such “false” accusations back in 2016.

“A similar smear campaign is being repeated. They are paying women to accuse Mama of sex crime. As party supporters, we should stand by Mama Kandeh. We shouldn’t allow anyone to jeopardize his Presidential bid,” Cham remarked.

Cham’s statement followed allegations that Kandeh has allegedly raped one of his relatives.

Cham has accused President Barrow and his NPP of spreading lies against Kandeh. He warned that no amount of lies can stop Mama Kandeh from occupying the State House come 2021.