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Gambia: Breaking News: State Secret: Can the Congo millions make the NPP win the Niamina West Byelection?

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If money can make parties to win an election, then the National People’s Party (NPP) is going to win the Niamina West Constituency byelection, Freedom Newspaper can report. The NPP is expecting a huge amount of money from Congo Brazzaville this weekend, we are talking about millions of dalasis that would be used to foot the party’s Niamina West campaign. The poor Niamina voters cannot resist such millions.

The Congo millions would be wired via Senegal, and someone (name withheld) from the NPP would travel by land to collect the funds. The NPP is avoiding the Gambian banks. They do not want any paper trail. They do not want bankers to tell on them.

A Sarahule billionaire is funding the NPP. He is into diamond trade among other business practices.  He owns a telecommunication firm in Congo. The Sarahule man is a native of Gambisara, in the Upper River Region.

This was the anonymous donor, who donated 57 pickup trucks to the members of the National Assembly, through President Barrow. The same donor bought cars and motorbikes for the NPP.

Unless he rescinds his plans, he would wire money from Congo this coming Saturday to Dakar, Senegal. His son is handling the wire transfer.

Banjul has been informed about the pending wire transfer that is expected to arrive on Saturday in Dakar. The Barrow camp are excited. They are eagerly waiting to receive the millions.

It would be recalled that President Barrow visited Congo in 2017, shortly after assuming office. His visit followed an invitation he received from the Sarahule billionaire.

Niamina West elections

There is a crack within the GDC party. One of their aspiring candidates, who couldn’t win the nomination process, has joined the NPP. That aspirant has been selected as the NPP flagbearer. He is being backed by some elders and youths of that locality. The young flourishing NPP also got its candidate’s back.

Niamina West was a GDC and NRP strongholds in the past 2017 National Assembly elections. The late GDC candidate Demba Sowe had captured 55% of the total vote cast, while Malick Sowe of the NRP had 45 percent of the votes.

If we are not mistaken, the UDP hasn’t sponsored a candidate in Niamina West in the past elections. They had a candidate in Niamina Dankunk but couldn’t win. The NRP won that seat.


The NPP is going to hit the campaign trail soon in Niamina West. The party would use money to appease the voters. Niamina born top civil servants are also going to take part in the campaign. Cabinet ministers are also going to campaign for the party. Hamat Bah and his team would soon hit the trail. Barrow’s advisers are also going to take part in the campaign.

NPP has no cash problems during the upcoming campaign. Part of their plan is to experiment the politics of money during this race. If the party succeeds in wining that important Niamina West seat, then there is positive future for President Barrow’s reelection bid for 2021. Equally, if the party loses that seat, then Barrow’s future reelection bid is bleak.

There is pressure on Barrow’s campaign team. They have been tasked to deliver. The Sarahule NPP funder wouldn’t be happy if the NPP loses. He has invested heavily on this new party.

The Sarahuleman had spent decades in Congo. He wants to return home and invest if Barrow wins the 2021 elections.

                    UDP supporting GDC

The Niaminas are not UDP strongholds. As reported above, the Niamina West, East and Niamina Dankunku constituencies are GDC and NRP strongholds. UDP couldn’t win any seat in the past elections in those constituencies. In fact, the UDP doesn’t have a candidate in Niamina West in the 2017 elections. The party had candidates in Niamina Dankunku and Niamina East but couldn’t win any of those seats.

Tribal voting exists in The Gambia. The Niaminas are Fullani predominant localities.

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