Friday, June 9

Gambia College set for transformation into Teacher Training University

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In an interview with The Point, Minister Gomez revealed that three schools including School of Agriculture will be moved to University of the Gambia’s School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

He made these statements in response to the tasks given to his Ministry by the late former Vice President Alieu Badara Joof for the implementation of the recommendations of the recent cabinet retreat.

He noted that his Ministry is employing all possible measures to ensure that all recommendations are effectively implemented as a responsible Ministry to the best interest of the citizenry through the provision of concrete infrastructural development with the provision of quality education.

He stated that the Gambia College School of Nursing and School of Public Health will be moved to the University of the Gambia’s School of Medicine, leaving the college with only School of Education.

Prof. Gomez said the late former Vice President gave all ministries a timeline to implement all recommendations and report to the executive as a whole.

As the minister of Higher Education in the country, he would strive to ensure all targeted goals are effectively accomplished to the best of his ability and in the interest of the whole nation.

Furthermore, he noted that they would move the University of the Gambia’s School of Education to Gambia College to have only one teacher training institution – from nursery school to PHD.

“We cannot be spending money in different institutions; everything needs to be concentrated in one institution because we do not have enough. So, we need to strategise,” he noted.