Monday, March 20

Gambia develops long-term climate strategy 2050 –

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By Isatou Jawara

Communication Officer

The Gambia has demonstrated strong ambition globally in combatting climate change by submitting a Second Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC2) in 2021 whose commitment was widely commended for being the only NDC that is 1.5oC compatible.

In line with the countries committed to the Paris Agreement which was signed on 25 April 2016. The Gambia has developed an ambitious plan for achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 called The Gambia Long Term Neutral Development Strategy 2050 also known as LTS.

The Gambia’s LTS was developed by the Ministry of Environment Climate Change and Natural Resources in partnership with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs the extensive consultative and inclusive process with various stakeholders including Government Ministries, NGOs, the Private Sector, and International Development Partners.

The Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Environment and LTS Project Coordinator Mr. Ebrima Jawara has said that The Gambia LTS is built upon the Gambia National Climate Policy, and the NDCs shall complement the Green Recovery Focused of the National Development Plan 2023 2027 and Long Term Development Vision 2050 currently being formulated under the coordination of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

DPS Jawara mentioned this during the Validation Workshop of the Gambia Long Term Climate Neutral Development Strategy 2050 (LTS) which was attended by various government stakeholders the private sector and NGOs and was held on 9 September 2022 at Ocean Bay Hotel.

According to Mr. Jawara, The LTS and its subsequent revised versions will guide the Government of the Gambia in the future climate commitments under the UNFCCC including NDCs and National Communications. She said, All these plans and strategies are necessary tools required to guide us to becoming a middle-income country.

“But the journey does not stop at the strategy and planning level we must implement the LTS and other complementary plans and strategies smartly and holistically not only as part of our commitment to the national development but our solemn duty and obligation for a better resilience planet better than it is today for generations yet unborn” the DPS Jawara Concluded.

Also speaking at the event, The DPS from the Ministry of Finance Mrs. Juldeh Ceesay said that The Government needs the necessary funds for the effective implementation of the strategy, needs to increase resource mobilization, and contribute to an effective financial delivery mechanism by all actors.

DPS Ceesay explained that the two ministries will work together to ensure that the Gambia Climate Change Fund and the domestic resources are allocated to climate action and there is a government approach to addressing climate calamity. She added that the establishment of the Gambia Climate Change Fund is capable of drawing down multiple resources of international and national finance.