Monday, December 4

Gambia: DT Empire Release new Video ‘UJu’

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By; Bakary Ceesay

DT Empire, one of Gambia’s finest group has released a new video “UJU”, video featuring the renowned  Gambian sensational artist Jally Naya. 

The track is not just a song but a storytelling experience, reflecting the group’s deep roots and rich cultural background.

What sets DT Empire apart is not only their musical genius but also their commitment to authenticity. Each track is a testament to the Gambian heritage, seamlessly infusing traditional beats with the contemporary, producing sounds that are both familiar and refreshingly new.

The musical landscape of The Gambia is witnessing a powerful resurgence, and leading this revival is the talented trio known as DT Empire.

 Comprising Spazi, Abess, and Double T, this dynamic group is pioneering new paths in music, blending traditional Gambian sounds with contemporary rhythms.

Since their debut, DT Empire has been a name on everyone’s lips, earning respect and admiration from both fans and industry insiders.

 Their recent ‘Chocotaan EP’ has particularly made waves, showcasing a perfect mix of the group’s distinctive flavor and undeniable musical prowess.

Beyond the music, DT Empire is a brand, an ethos. Their collaboration with Fyah House Records, as indicated by their consistent use of the #FyahHouseRecords hashtag, underscores their dedication to producing quality music.

 The collaboration promises fans more melodious offerings in the near future, ensuring DT Empire’s spot as one of the continent’s musical greats.

Fans, artists, and critics alike are eagerly awaiting the trio’s next move. Given their trajectory, it’s clear that DT Empire is not just a fleeting sensation but a musical force set to shape the future of Gambian music and perhaps, African music as a whole.