Tuesday, December 6

Gambia for 5yrs Cancels Counter-Protest Against November 11 Planned protest

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By: Nyima Sillah

Following the recent statement made by the Chairman of Coalition for Progressive Gambians urging the CoPG members to cancel their planned November 11 protest or else it will expose the illegality of the movement, The Gambia for 5yrs and Peace Building has canceled its counter-protest planned, the statement released by movement revealed.

Earlier the Secretary-General of the Gambia for five Years issued a warning ahead of the protest with a threat to counter the planned protest organised by Coalition for Progressive Gambians (CoPG).

However, a statement released by the Secretary General of the Gambia for Five Years yesterday made a U-turn to cancel their counter-planned protest against the movement.

“The Executive Committee of The Gambia for 5yrs has dropped its Plan A of taking to the Streets and remains committed to pursuing an Advocacy of Stay Home and not partake in the illegal protest. The justification is that this U-Turn includes: Security Threats, Potential Threats to the Tourist Season, the unforeseeable Socio-economic negative impact associated with protests,” SG for 5yrs said.

“Consequently, The Gambia for 5yrs group strongly considers the November 11 Protest as blown out of proportion and thus bearing treasonous motives that are a potential threat to Peace, Development, and Constitutionality in The Gambia,”

The Secretary-General appealed to all members to stay at home while calling for dialogue to solve the situation.