Thursday, September 21

Gambia For All (GFA) makes a big splash in Kiang

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In a clear sign that monetary inducements and numerical intimidation will not sway Gambians in their choice of a national leader;  the people of Kiang and LRR came out in their thousands to welcome the Gambia For All (GFA) party at a grand rally held in Kiang Manduar on Saturday 5th December.

The rally was noted for its ambience, and the quality of substantive speakers. Several local and guest speakers emphasized the critical importance of the 2021 presidential election, and the need to have a tried and tested leader, in the person of Honourable B B Dabo, to steer the ship of state out of choppy waters.

 One local speaker put it more bluntly in everyday language, saying  “the country needs a fully  tested and tried ship captain and not a deckhand”.
Speaking to a rapturous crowd, the party Leader and Secretary General of GFA lamented the decline in agricultural production, and promised that a GFA administration will not only reverse the decline, but will significantly improve the agricultural value chain to make agribusiness a major contributor to our economic well being .
GFA  is confident that there is a silent majority in the country yearning for the leadership qualities that Hon BB embodies, and many see the Gambia For All as the party of reason and competence, that will take the country out of the current political and economic stagnation.
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