Sunday, January 29

Gambia imposes covid-19 test charges on travelers

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The ministry added that every intending traveler is required to pay the fee and present a receipt at sample collection sites.

The ministry stated that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose challenges as well as considerably overwhelming the country’s health system.

According to the ministry, since the reopening of airports and subsequent introduction of new protocols such as mandatory provision of negative COVID-19 viral test by travelers within three days of travel period, the cost of testing has exponentially been on the increase.

For this reason, it said it has become imperative to effect the payment scheme to help manage the cost efficiently.

“The fee can be a reflection of the resource cost the national reference laboratory faces for completing COVID-19 diagnostic test in a timely manner,” the release further said.

Covid-19 testing in The Gambia has been free since it started in March 2020.

Meanwhile, the country has registered 4,792 cases since the confirmation of the first case in March 2020. The country has also recorded 153 deaths since March last year.