Tuesday, June 6

Gambia launches Kairaba Conservation and Leadership Organization –

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By Mustapha Jarju

The Gambia launched the Kairaba Conservation and Leadership Organization (KairaCLO) on Tuesday, 16th May, at a ceremony held at the Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Centre, Bijilo.

KairaCLO was formed to support the conservation and protection of Gambia`s environment through the implementation of the visionary characteristics of the Banjul Declaration.

KairaCLO Organization is a tribute to the life and work of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, the late Gambian president as a pre-eminent conservationist who made the Banjul Declaration nearly half a century ago, and this organization is formed to renew that pledge with dedication towards the ideas and the vision shared with Jawara. 

In his welcoming remark, the Chairperson of the KairaCLO organization Almameh Fanding Taal said, KairaCLO comprise of people who are exceptional Gambians who have come together to make the legacy of Sir Dawda live. 

Taal added that the organization is a non-partisan entity and a non-profit and non-political organization which have the main purpose of benefitting the public that aims to contribute and participate in the conservation efforts going on around the country. 

Ramzia Diab, Deputy Chairperson of the organization also said KairaCLO as an organization will support the Banjul Declaration of 1977 as well as build knowledge on conservation, climate change, and adaptation, and train people through national participation on the issues of climate change and environmental issues.

Deputy Chair Diab added that, as a pan-African Centre of Excellence, KairaCLO wants to build and lead a network of thousand base partner institutes together as well as educate the world on the impact of climate change in development.

“Our mission is to distribute knowledge on conservation sustainability, climate change, and specifically adaptation in helping people to be aware of conservation and sustainability,” she said.

The Chairman of the Gambia Environmental Alliance (GEA), Momodou Inkeh Bah added that the Gambia has a lot of its wildlife within a short period which is currently affecting the Gambia`s wildlife situation. 

“The survival of the remaining wildlife and its preservation of the natural habitat is a service call on us, it is a tragedy waiting to unfold if we do not arise with presentation and it must be with proper concern in tackling this priceless natural area.”

Bah, however, added that the partnership between GEA and KairaCLO in the environmental conservation methods promotes and preserves the Gambia`s remaining flora and fauna. And that the two sister institutions will work in hand to share policies and ideas on the sustainability and protection of the environment.