Wednesday, December 6

Gambia Marks ‘Remembrance Day’ For Fallen Heroes

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By: AdamaNyang

The Gambia Armed Forces in collaboration with the Gambia Legion and Voluntary Organizations Sunday commemorated ‘Remembrance Day’ for the fallen heroes at the MacCarthy Square in Banjul.

The solemn occasion was observed with a march past to remember the ultimate sacrifice of the fallen heroes of World Wars one (1) and two (2).

CDS Mamat .O. Cham, says the day is set aside for the remembrance of the fallen heroes who gave their lives for the peace and stability that the people are enjoying, adding everyone should take a moment to reflect on them. 

“Freedom has a price and the price of freedom is for everyone to be vigilant and uphold values. A society without values can’t move, so we all have to remind  ourselves in the right values based on justice, truth and democracy, so that together we can strive,” Cham stated. 

Highlighting on the significance of the day, Cham pointed out that it was historical day as they remembered the 1935- 45 war which was so big that almost everybody in the world was affected and The Gambian sons and daughters fought in the various battles along with the British empire then. 

 “Most of our Gambian men were taken to Burma to fight in this various historical war, this was a victory that we contributed a lot to acquire and since the end of the war, there is this world order based on rules of the international system that had granted the peace, security and stability of the world,” CDS Cham explained.

Alpha Ousman Jallow, PRO of World War 2 Veterans’ Family Association, pointed out that the day is a special day for them and Gambians at large as it makes them remember the role their parents, grandparents, and husbands for some people who played towards the peace and stability of the world. 

Chairman of World War 2 Family Members Association and son of World War 2 Veteran, Pa Samba Njie, disclosed that all their members throughout the country joined them for the celebrations. Njie, whose father was among those who fought in World War 2, said he felt happy celebrating the day as his father fought in the battle and could live for 110 years.