Saturday, March 25

Gambia recording frequent fire outbreak recent time – Sanna Dahaba –

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By Modou Lamin Jarjusey

Following the recent tragic fire incident that happened at Nassa Foam Factory along Banjul Highway recently, the Director of the National Disaster Management Agency, Sanna Dahaba said the Gambia is recording frequent fire outbreaks in recent times.

In an interview with The Voice, DG Dahaba said the Gambia is recently witnessing many fire outbreaks in the country describing the incident at Nassa Foam Factory as the worst fire outbreak so far.

DG Dahaba noted that still, the cause of the fire is unknown, President Adama Barrow has set up a commission that would research and investigate the matter and that investigation started on 2nd March 2023 the commission comprises the National Disaster Management Agency, The Fire and Rescue service, and other local authorities.

“Members of the community should be careful about fire as a fire outbreak is something serious and can even lead to death. NDMA will embark on sensitizing people to incidents like flooding and fire outbreaks,” DG Dahaba stated.

He continued “I’m urging the public to use quality products to avoid such situations but all blame cannot be levied on NAWEC as an institution all the time. NAWEC can never electrify anyone’s house. NAWEC is established to serve the nation and not to electrify anyone’s house that’s why the commission that is set has to include NAWEC as an institution for the inquiry.”

He assured that his institution is doing everything to ensure that such incidents are limited and the Gambian people live in a good environment.

Meanwhile, Director Dahaba said the public should stay away from settling in waterways and some people would ignore those things examples of such a place he said is Jabang.

“When NDMA as a body started the demolition of the houses you would realize that the society would stand up and say those compounds in the waterways should not be demolished, eventually in the next rainy season the same problem will continue, so I urge the public to comply with the laws and ignorance of those laws are not an excuse,” he said