Sunday, January 29

Gambia: Sanyang Victim of Stabbing Laid to Rest

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By Hatab Nyang

Gibril Ceesay from Sanyang, who died after stabbing by an alleged thief as he tried to apprehend him, has been laid to rest on 16th March, 2021 at the Bunkilling Cemetery in Sanyang.

The purported assailant who is alleged to have stabbed and killed the deceased, one Ganna Sey, a Senegalese national is in police custody.

Order has been restored and troops are still guarding installations and patrolling the streets in Sanyang and the beach where a Fishmeal Factory has been burnt by the angry protesters. Anger and frustration still prevail and the feeling of retaliation if the government ‘does not do any justice’ by some in Sanyang is still nurtured.

At the funeral ground the Imam of Bunkilling mosque appealed and advised the youths of Sanyang to remain calm. He said the deceased is a very good youth even to his mosque, but he stressed that the youths remain calm.

The funeral and burial was graced by hundreds and hundreds of people from Sanyang and the satellite villages around Sanyang.