Friday, March 24

Gambia Skating Association elects new executive

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By Arfang M.S Camara

The Gambia Skating Association (GSA) over the weekend elected Isatou Drammeh unanimously as its president for the next four years during a congress held at The Gambia National Olympic Committee conference hall.

She has been a prominent proponent for safe sports, including skating. She is the founding president of the association, which comprises numerous disciples.

In her inaugural address, the new president, Isatou Drammeh urged the general assembly to make every effort to increase the number of women in the GSA executive posts in the near future.

“By occupying topic decision-making positions, this is one of the few strategies to encourage women to participate in sports,” she said.

She thanked the general assembly for entrusting her with the new role as the head of the Skating Association.

“I can’t do it alone. I therefore called for teamwork,” president Drammeh said

Director of OlympAfrica Center, Abubacarr Jallow, praised the makeup of the GSA’s executive.

He encouraged them to continue expanding their activities to encompass the entire nation, while assuring them of the arena (OlympAfrica Center) accessibility for youngsters to realise their various sports skills.

Meanwhile, the primary goals of The Gambia Skating Association are to promote and stimulate the growth of Roller Sports, including para-skating, in all of The Gambia; to promote sports that are dope-free; to promote the uniform rules and regulations for the many disciplines of Roller Sports contests; adopt and abide by the Anti-Doping Policy in accordance with the current WADA code; to host both national contests; and to increase the number of Gambians who participate in Roller Sports.

The newly elected executive members for 2022-2026 are:

President – Ms. IsatouDrammeh

1st Vice President – Mr. Alieu Sowe

2nd Vice President – Pap Khan

Treasurer – Moro (Yusupha).